Columns – Cast & Combi

Chester – Tubular steel, hot dip galvanised finish. Decorated with cast
Paisley – iron embellisments, secured by stainless steel fixings, (root details depending on height). FINISH: Etch primer

Russel – Mild steel shaft, fitted to cast iron base with a lockable Square access door and wooden backboard. Flange or root. Range mounted. Shaft decorated with collar and ladder arms (aluminium L.M.6.)

Merseyside – All cast iron columns.
Somerset – FINISH: Spray primer
Mayfair –

Wells – Cast iron column, grade 17 iron, fixed together by location spigots and secured by stainless steel fixings.FINISH: Spray primer

Fabricated, mild steel construction. Galvanised bolts supplied. FINISH: Bitumastic.

Cast iron roots grade 17 or aluminium L.M.6.
FINISH: Spray primer.

Chester Column Kit Large

Chester Column Kit Small

Chester Embelishment Kit

Camden Turner Kit

Paisley Kit Large

Paisley Kit Small

Mersey Column Kit

Reading Column Kit

Top Finial

End Casting