The Gloucester

This stylish lantern can be seen in many of our main high streets and town centres for their main illumination.

This Gloucester lantern can be manufactured n various diffrent ways these being: –

· Aluminium – with a large range of Polyeste Powder Coated Finishes.
· Highly Polished Copper finish.
· Highly Polished Brass finish.
· Also can be manufactured with Stainless Steel.

This Stylish lantern has many benefits and can be used in various different ways, these being:

· Top Hanging
· Side hanging capabilities (wall Brackets)
· Sat in cradles for column top mounting

This stylish but traditional Lantern benefits from many features such as: –

· IP66 Rated Lantern
· Fully Sealed Polycarbonate Bowl.
· Fully Sealed lantern preventing Dust and Water Ingress.
· Comes with Stainless Steel and Brass Fixings to prevent Corrosion.
· Easily accessible for general maintenance.
· Control Gear also easily accessible.
· Comes as standard with restraining straps so no pressure is forced on the shade when opened.
· Has the option of Pot Optic or Road refractor systems.
· Can accept with ease P.E.C.

The Gloucester Lantern is available in a number of options and sizes, please see the PDF’s below for more details, we are as always happy to build to your specifications if required.