The Solent

The Solent lantern can be manufactured in various different ways these being:-

· Cast Aluminum Cage – with a large range of Polyester Powder Coated Finishes.
· Highly Polished Copper finish.
· Highly Polished Brass finish.
· Also can be manufactured with Stainless Steel.

This Stylish Traditional sphere lantern has many benefits and can be used in various different ways, these being: –

· Post Mounted
· Side hanging capabilities (Wall brackets)

This stylish Traditional Lantern also benefits from: –

· IP66 Rated Lantern
· Fully Sealed Polycarbonate Sphere.
· Spheres available in Clear, Opal, White top and Clear base, Black Top and Clear Base.
· Fully Sealed lantern preventing Dust and Water Ingress.
· Comes with Stainless Steel and Brass Fixings to prevent Corrosion.
· Easily accessible for general maintenance.
· Control Gear also easily accessible.
· Can accept with ease P.E.C.

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