LED Lighting

Here at JW Lighting Specialists our range of LED fittings are manufactured with the highest grade materials, with our 30 years experience in the lighting manufacturing industry we know our customers will only accept the highest of quality. We are also aware that each project requires its own unique solution, which is why JW lighting Specialists has been working with the providers of the latest LED technology, such as Zeta Lighting, Philips Lighting and Venture Lighting.

All our LED luminaires offer low maintenance and our designed with thermal control in mind, increasing the life of the LED and optimizing performance, in turn gives the most efficient energy savings. We can advise on the best options available for any new lighting applications and supply the most affordable and effective solution.

As well as our stylish heritage LED range of luminaires we also specialise in LED retrofit solutions. Our flexible approach to all applications enables us to offer our LED engine as a solution for upgrading any luminaire body out in the field. All we require is one sample to take dimensions from and to evaluate the thermal requirements and we are able to manufacture a bespoke LED engine to be installed on site by others.

LED Retro Fit - Aberystwyth

LED Subway Lighting

LED Gear Trays For Any Light

Subway LED Retro Fit

As specialists in refurbishment and LED upgrades, why not send us your aged heritage lanterns and we will return them strengthened, refurbished and with the latest technology in LED

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